W.F.P. Group Puts $1.5 Million Behind Anti-Paterson Ad

The Working Families Party and Alliance for Quality Education have put together an ad opposing David Paterson’s proposal for a cap on property taxes, which the State Senate approved during a special session last week.

It opens with a shot of an older, white male in front of a suburban-looking home, which is essentially who the spot is aimed at: suburban home-owning voters with children, most of whom don’t live in New York City.

Capping property taxes won’t actually reduce them, the ad points out, as it argues that even regulating the growth of property taxes will reduce the amount of money going to schools.

The group says they put $1.5 million behind airing the ad, which is running in and around Albany, Buffalo, Long Island, New York City, Rochester and Syracuse.

The one thing over-taxed New Yorkers don’t seem to mind paying for is schools, so, although the tax cap offers relief for homeowners, it’s still a hot issue.

Eliot Spitzer, of course, clashed with well-funded groups while trying to fix the budget, but Paterson’s friendlier demeanor may give him more of a chance for success, or at least compromise. And, hopefully, he won’t call them crybabies. W.F.P. Group Puts $1.5 Million Behind Anti-Paterson Ad