Zimmer and Lance on Palin

Republican Senate candidate Dick Zimmer and 7th District House candidate Leonard Lance, both social moderates, praised Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for her fiscal conservatism.

Zimmer saluted her pork busting credentials in a statement.

"I think she is an excellent choice. As an effective reform governor, she brings important executive experience to the ticket. A strong fiscal conservative, she stood up against wasteful pork-barrel politics when she killed Alaska's infamous 'Bridge to Nowhere' that was promoted by Senator Ted Stevens and supported by Senator Frank Lautenberg,” he said. “Senator McCain made a brilliant decision by asking her to join the GOP ticket. I am very excited to be running with both of them in New Jersey."

Lance, who’s made his career in the state Senate a crusade against government borrowing without voter approval, liked what he saw in Palin – despite the fact that he had originally backed Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for president.


“Governor Palin is a principled and proven reformer who has fought against wasteful spending and pork barrel politics. I look forward to working with John McCain and Sarah Palin on brining fiscal sanity back to Washington, DC," he said in a statement.


Zimmer and Lance on Palin