A Convent on Convent? Holy Wow!

It seems too good to be true, but, like the existence of God, it’s a difficult proposition to disprove. Apparently, a developer wants to build a four-story convent—yes, a nunnery—on none other than Convent Avenue in Washington Heights, according to plans the developer filed with the Buildings Department on Sept. 9.

The developer, 450 West 150 LLC, describes the job destined for 454 Convent Avenue, at the corner of 150th Street, as follows: “[to] construct a 4 story new building to be used as a convent.”

Oddly, none of the Catholic churches in the area seemed to have heard of the project. Not the Church of Our Lady of Esperanza, not Our Lady of Lourdes Church, not St. Catherine of Genoa Church, not Church of the Resurrection. Not the nearby St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church. Neither would Stuart Polinsky, the Manhattan-based project manager, nor the developer, apparently based in Phoenix, nor a spokesman for the Cahtolic Archdiocese of New York fill us in.

Which begs the question: Why dress up a nunnery in a wimple of secrecy? What gives?


A Convent on Convent? Holy Wow!