A Dog and Pony (and Reality) Show in the Hamptons, Starring Nacho Figueras and Kristian Laliberte

On Sunday, August 31, polo player and contractor Michael Borrico‘s Water Mill estate was host to Evian’s lavish "A Taste of Polo" event. A breathless press release had assured us there would be "celebrities, chefs, polo players, and tennis stars in town for the US Open," and some of those promised to be in attendance trotted out their summer whites for the final time this season. (The tennis stars, however, were nowhere to be found.)

Katie Lee Joel (the hostess and wife of Billy) signed copies of her cookbook as teams "Evian Blue" and "Evian Pink" battled it out on the polo field. Guests dined on Mr. Chow’s chicken satay (chefs pounded and stretched dough on marble slabs as Michael Chow himself dished out fresh noodles), and goat cheese and tomato on baguettes from Bagatelle. The Daily Transom felt a bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman as we all abandoned our plates on hay bales to stomp divots during half time.

Los Angeles native Allyson Feeney, who was venturing to the Hamptons for the first time, told us that she was "distracted" by the camera crews, who were there filming for Kristian Laliberte‘s "realumentary" we told you about last April. The cameras followed Mr. Laliberte and his fellow reality star hopefuls—Social Life magazine editor Devorah Rose,who is also an executive producer of the show; former 8th and Ocean cast member Teddy John; and socialite Annabel Vartanian—around the party, although the only Hills-style drama they could possibly be capturing was Ms. Vartanian’s see-through all-white outfit.

Meanwhile, the Daily Transom admired the accessories du jour: perfectly groomed dogs and beautiful towheaded toddlers. Where can we get our highlights to match those of children who summer in the Hamptons?  

Then we spotted Polo Ralph Lauren model and polo star Nacho Figueras. As we blushed, Mr. Figueras informed us that Evian Blue emerged victorious over Evian Pink, by a score of 7 to 6, and that his Labor Day plans include "taking the day off [and] not playing polo." Mr. Figueras was accompanied by his son Hilario, daughter Aurora, and their adorable puppy. (Seriously, did we miss the toddler and puppy memo?)

After the polo was over, the children and dogs had a swim in the pool, and Mr. Chow et al packed up their stations. Guests including Hugh Grant and reality star Brittny Gastineau traipsed down to the horse corrals for some Argentinean barbecue. We left completely stuffed, coveting a Rhodesian ridgeback, and anxiously awaiting our super important Labor Day plans: the season premiere of Gossip Girl. A Dog and Pony (and Reality) Show in the Hamptons, Starring Nacho Figueras and Kristian Laliberte