Anonybloggers: New Scary Thing Stalks Internet This Week

Take a hike, trolls. Move over, anonymous commenters. There’s a new internet scourge out to destroy the online world, and his or her name is Anonyblogger according to Silicon Alley Insider’s Eric Krangel.

Writes Mr. Krangel:

Here’s how anonyblogging works: let’s say is your target. You create a free account called ‘johndoesucks’ (or whatever, the cruder the better), then ‘follow’ John’s blog. Obsessively ‘reblog’ every post John makes, adding snarky, mean, or outright profane commentary. Tumblr’s ‘dashboard’ system means that people follow John will likely see the nasty comments. It’s the equivalent of watching someone shout at your pal as he walks down the street. But what makes the attack so unpleasant is that there’s no way for John to shake a malicious anonyblogger.

(Insert your own "Oh noes!!1" here if you have a Tumblr account.)

Mr. Krangel ends his article with an open call to Tumblr founder (foundr?) David Karp to address this crisis in the making. "David, do you think this is an issue?," he asks. Maybe he should’ve just reblogged the question—did we use the term correctly (corrctly?)—it on Mr. Karp’s site?

Anonybloggers: New Scary Thing Stalks Internet This Week