At London Fashion Week, Daisy Lowe is Newly Single; Will Josh Hartnett Pounce?

It’s only day two, and already the glossip coming out of London Fashion Week is outdoing New York.

After attending New York Fashion Week with her boyfriend, DJ Mark Ronson—the two attended Alexander Wang‘s show last week—Daisy Lowe has returned back to London a single woman.

The Daily Mail reports that Ms. Lowe, who is 19, split up with the 33-year-old Mr. Ronson last week. After walking in the PPQ show at London Fashion Week yesterday, she was seen heading back to the apartment of her closer-in-age ex, 21-year-old singer Will Cameron of the band Blondell.

The model and daughter of Gavin Rossdale was apparently late to a PPQ show yesterday due to a delayed flight from New York. And as her friends were waiting for her at the after-party, they found out she had gone to Mr. Cameron’s place. 

"She went to see Will for a shoulder to cry on. She’s been really upset over the last few days after her split from Mark," one friend told the Daily Mail. Another friend said, "Daisy never lost touch with Will, and has always remained close friends with him. They have always been close, and Will was pining after her when she dumped him for Mark."

Also, after meeting the entire Ronson clan last week, Ms. Lowe reportedly told a friend, "I feel like a Ronson now. I’ve been playing with the nieces and nephews and being polite to Mark’s mum. I’m exhausted." (Honey, those Ronsons will wear anybody out.)

Meanwhile, Ms. Lowe has also been spotted about London with actor Josh Hartnett. And to make the whole thing even more confusing, Mr. Hartnett was seen leaving Bungalow 8 in London at the same time as actress Mischa Barton last night. The two were later holed up in Mr. Hartnett’s hotel room.

At London Fashion Week, Daisy Lowe is Newly Single; Will Josh Hartnett Pounce?