Bar of the Week(end): Huckleberry Bar

Top 10 Bars for Sampling NYC’s Cocktail Renaissance, #10 

Tuck yourself into the Huckleberry Bar and you might feel the Manhattanization of Williamsburg is complete. The space is well-designed, with plenty of low-lit booths perfect for unwinding, both indoors and out. A carefully considered menu pays heed to the neighborhood’s changing demographic-where there’s a local void for grown-up drinks and gourmet nibbles, Huckleberry aims to fill it. Although plenty of classic gimlets and Gibson-type drinks make the menu, the list of "seasonal cocktails" finds inspiration in unconventional ingredients. The Grass of Fanfir is comprised of gin, tarragon, and blood orange juice, while the Tina Modotti adds spiced pear syrup and dash of chili salt to mescal and tequila. For straight sippers, there’s a thoughtfully composed wine and beer list, plus high-end liquor galore. Owners schooled in Danny Meyer’s hospitality-first philosophies add layers of Manhattan-caliber sophistication. A joint for getting wasted and playing Pac-Man it ain’t, but there’s refined comfort aplenty for the graphic designers and finance types who grabbed up condos during Manhattan’s eastward expansion.

588 Grand St. (near Lorimer St.), Brooklyn, 718-218-8555 Bar of the Week(end): Huckleberry Bar