BCRO chairman calls out freeholder for Ferriero defense

Bergen County Republican Chairman Bob Yudin was so incensed by Freeholder David Ganz’s defense of indicted Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero that he called on the freeholder himself to resign this morning.

Yudin said that, while Ferriero remains innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, an indictment is cause enough to remove him from his chairmanship of the Democratic organization.

“This is a person running a political organization, and an indictment is damning enough that he should resign,’ he said. “If there is a prima facie case as there is here, it is outrageous that an elected official like Ganz says he should not resign. Not only is it outrageous, but if that’s his position, then he honestly doesn’t understand what being an elected official means. He’s betraying the voters’ trust.”

Yudin’s party is running a slate of three candidates against Ganz and incumbent Democratic Freeholders Bernadette McPherson and Vernon Walton.

Yudin said the same logic also applies to Sheriff Leo McGuire and Surrogate Mike Dressler, who both also defended Ferriero last night and are not up for reelection this year.

“They’re betraying the trust of the people that elected them. Even though these three officials know of this corruption… they’re still saying this man should lead the party,” said Yudin.

Ganz responded by noting that Yudin himself has run for freeholder three times without success.


“Bob Yudin has run three failed campaigns on that premise, and if he wants to run a fourth failed campaign, that’s his prerogative. The beautiful thing about America is when you’re an elected official you have to take guff and a lot of stuff thrown against the wall by the other side," he said. "Bob Yudin is very good at throwing stuff against the wall, but not very good about communicating his message.”

  BCRO chairman calls out freeholder for Ferriero defense