Bijou Phillips Says Sarah Palin Wears Wrangler Jeans

The Daily Transom felt a bit odd ascending to the penthouse at Highbar to celebrate the launch of a new ad campaign for DOW XLA-a new material that’s supposed to be a better choice to put in denim than Lycra and Spandex-featuring Bijou Phillips. After all, now is not exactly the time to think about purchasing premium denim. (To add insult to stock-plunging injury, we could actually see the ill-fated Lehman Brothers’ headquarters from the rooftop lounge.) In honor of our fallen i-bankers, we donned somber apparel and figured we’d get some tips from some of New York’s most sartorially savvy on how to look like more when you’re working with (sigh) less.

As the MisShapes DJ’ed for the eclectic crowed of fedora’ed hipsters and fashion editors, a sullen Leigh Lezark – who said she was feeling under the weather (too much partying during Fashion Week, perhaps?)  – advised, "Don’t buy…I’ve been digging old crap out of my closet and trying not to buy unnecessary stuff."

Between vamping for cameras, Richie Rich of Heatherette recommended "do more with less…great shoes and a great bag make any outfit. Basically, look like Bijou," Mr. Rich commented as he blew Ms. Phillips a kiss. Easier said than done considering the woman in question was wearing a completely backless black top (which would have photographed see-through if she hadn’t told photographers to avoid certain lighting and flashes), skinny black pants, and an effortlessly chic chignon.

Ms. Phillips, actress, model, and half-sister of recently-in-the-news Mackenzie, came with boyfriend Danny Masterson in tow. She told The Daily Transom that she was hired to help the campaign, whose purpose is to introduce the fashion industry to DOW XLA fibers. "You know how your jeans always start to sag in the butt after you’ve been wearing them for a while? Jeans with XLA in them won’t do that," Bijou promised. We noted that all the mannequin legs lining a hallway wall sported premium-brand jeans and asked Ms. Phillips how such luxury items would fare in the current economy.

"Save for a few good pieces," she said, motioning to the hall of jeans. We asked if she thought Sarah Palin would wear any of the jeans featured. "No, she probably wears Wranglers," said Ms. Phillips.

"Typical mom jeans from that Saturday Night Live commercial?" we inquired.

"Yes! Mom jeans, totally!" Ms. Phillips agreed, "She would benefit from a pair of these."

We practiced our paparazzi skills on Mr.  Masterson, star of That ‘70s Show, when he stepped into the hall of jeans with Syrup NYC’s Nate Sprecher, the campaign’s graphic designer. "The display looks great, man," Mr. Masterson told Mr. Sprecher as we snapped away with Mr. Sprecher’s camera. Mr. Masterson sported one of the most impressively full beards we’ve seen in a while and complimented our photography skills before he resumed rampant texting on his Sidekick.

Bijou Phillips Says Sarah Palin Wears Wrangler Jeans