Bill Clinton on The View, Bronx Rebels Thwarted

John McCain made the "misleading" statement that Barack Obama does not have a plan for the economic crisis. [CNN]


The McCain campaign is still pushing the idea that Alaska’s proximity to Russia means something for Palin’s national security credentials. [CBS]

Bill Clinton says he likes John McCain a lot, and that both candidates are ready to be president. He also said he thinks Obama will win. [TV Guy]

Curfew shall not ring tonight for Bronx Democratic chair Jose Rivera, after a judge ordered that a meeting of rebels be delayed until Sunday–because of space constraints. [City Room]

Celebrities are filing lots of well-meaning but ineffective fair-use claims against the McCain campaign. [Info/Law]

The N.R.A. produced an ad that is “the single least subtle attempt to paint Obama as a Muslim foreigner ever.” [Gawker]

Republican Sandy Treadwell, for one, does not want Andrew Cuomo to be the S.E.C. chief. [Cap Conf]

There’s a meeting tonight to get community input on the Hudson Yards development project. [C.B.P.]

Steve Schmidt condemned The New York Times; Jonathan Chait thinks he sounds like a football coach. [The Plank]

Marc Ambinder vets the McCain campaign’s vetting of the Times’ coverage. [M.A.]

Bill Clinton on The View, Bronx Rebels Thwarted