Blakeman Opposes Hypothetical Property Tax Increase

Republican mayoral candidate Bruce Blakeman is seizing on the chance to denounce an increase in property taxes, which The New York Times editorial board thinks Michael Bloomberg may have to enact to balance the budget next year.

Blakeman, in a press release issued this morning, said he wants the federal government to include $25 billion in the federal bailout for cities and “spare the property taxpayer by refusing to increase their burden.”

The seven percent increase in property taxes is actually restoring a seven percent cut that Bloomberg put in place last year. He has repeatedly reserved the right to restore the cut if the city needs the revenue.

Opposition to raising property taxes is expected to be strong in the City Council, as many of the members are eyeing higher office (or, seeking re-election after changing the term-limits law).

Blakeman is the first mayoral candidate to take a position on property tax—basically the only tax the city can leverage on residents without going to Albany for approval.

Blakeman’s opposition is also worth noting because it looks like mayoral candidates in both parties are intent on running as the next Bloomberg.

Blakeman Opposes Hypothetical Property Tax Increase