Bloomberg’s Discretionary Spending

Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler released a list today of Michael Bloomberg’s member items — the City Council members’ projects that the mayor funded directly from 2003 to 2008.

The request came amid closer scrutiny of discretionary member-item allocation, which is being investigated by a U.S. prosecutor after fake names were found to have been inserted into the budget and slated to get money.

A few quick, somewhat random observations:

The amount of money spent by the mayor went from $1,720,500 in Fiscal Year 2003 to $5,614,000 in Fiscal Year 2006 (which began on July 1, 2005 – the summer he was running for re-election – through June 30, 2006).

In FY06, Bloomberg gave $300,000 to Peter Vallone, Jr. for the Hellenic American Neighborhood Action Committee. (Bloomberg’s opponent, Gifford Miller, had close ties to that community through his old job working for Representative Carolyn Maloney.) 

Bill de Blasio—who worked closely with another mayoral candidate, Freddy Ferrer, but also voted with Bloomberg on a crucial part of the Solid Waste Management Proposal that year—got $351,000 in funding.

What else worth mentioning?

Bloomberg’s Discretionary Spending