Boar’s Head Experimental Storefront Opening in Brooklyn

Boar’s Head — purveyor of all manner of sliced deli meats — will open an experimental retail shop on Court Street in downtown Brooklyn, according to an article on

Boar’s Head will use the so-called "F. Martinella delicatessen," to be opened at the end of this month near State Street, as a laboratory in which to examine consumer habits, according to the report.

RuthAnn LeMore, a Boar’s Head spokeswoman, told the paper that, "We want to understand the retail environment and to test new products, test new concepts, and bring them out to our retail distributors and partners.”

The name for the deli may sound like your typical Italian-American moniker, but interestingly enough, it’s a composite name derived from those of Boar’s Head executives:

"‘F.’ for Boar’s Head Provisions founder Frank Brunckhorst, ‘Martin’ for its CEO Robert Martin, and ‘-ella’ for its president Michael Martella."

According to the Paper, the deli will "offer Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, as well as salads, soups, coffee and bread baked by local hands …" Boar’s Head Experimental Storefront Opening in Brooklyn