Can’t Get Into the Ghost Town Premiere? Talk to Ron Jeremy and Dennis Hof Instead!

On Monday evening, outside the Soho Grand Hotel, guests waiting to get into the party for David Koepp’s new film Ghost Town included Moonlight Bunny Ranch proprietor Dennis Hof and porn star Ron Jeremy.

Mr. Jeremy was concerned that there had been a last minute decision to "erase a few people from the list." Then, to a security guard: "You promise? Would you whisper it to me if there were something shady going on?" The security guard tried to assure him by listing other people that had been rejected from the party’s short list. Mr. Jeremy nodded at Mr. Hof, who was with his bunny-date Brooke Taylor (on the cover of Hustler this month!).

While they were talking, Kevin Bacon walked by, followed by Ghost Town actor Greg Kinnear. As Ghost Town actor Aasif Mandvi walked into the hotel, he said of Ghost Town: "I think it’s great, it’s tragic—no, that’s Lehman Brothers. The movie’s very funny. Some people should see it twice."

By this point, Mr. Jeremy seemed somewhat placated. We discussed his recent endeavors: "a huge article in Time" and National Lampoon’s Homo Erectus, a "caveman comedy" that said he had finished filming the day before. Perhaps inevitably, we ended up discussing Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live. The Daily Transom wondered if he thought she was a MILF.

"You know what really amazes me, that no one is making an issue of this," Mr. Jeremy began, before calling Mr. Hof and Ms. Taylor over to join the conversation.

"Come over, say hi!" he yelled, waving.

The two shuffled over from the other side of a swath of security guards. Mr. Hof was wearing a large fitted black suit, studded ball cap, and was leafing through his white iPhone, presumably for some kind of help getting into the party. Ms. Taylor was visibly cold in a tiny neon-blue tube dress. She eyed the street for cabs. Mr. Jeremy posed the sex-with-Palin question again. Ms. Taylor ignited.

"Absolutely not," she said. "She sucks enough as it is. I think she’s a disgrace! I think she’s honestly a disgrace to what Hillary Clinton has done. I think Republicans are stupid in this country if they think woman are going to fall for that." She hugged herself and turned to Mr. Hof. "The next cab I see…"

Mr. Jeremy turned the question back on himself. "She said on TV—I had to double check my set three times—she said if war with Russia was necessary would that be an option…I would have had sex with her until I she said that, I would have, she’s cute. Now I’m scared of her."

"I would tell you this," Mr. Hof said. "I wouldn’t hire her at the bunny ranch, I can’t see her being sexual. Our customers demand more and better."

How about Ms. Clinton at the Bunny Ranch?

"We love Hillary. We’re not going to sleep with her, but we love her."

Can’t Get Into the Ghost Town Premiere? Talk to Ron Jeremy and Dennis Hof Instead!