Cecilia Dean Tells Us About Her New House, But Rachel Zoe Won’t Tell Us Much of Anything

Wednesday night’s party on the Mini Rooftop in Chelsea thrown by V magazine in honor of its new issue was a downsized version of last week’s Interview magazine bash—same crowd, different venue. The only difference was that everyone appeared a little more worn down by the elaborate Fashion Week festivities that have taken place since.

The roof—a new addition to New York’s hip party venues—has a grassy knoll in the center with globular seating cavities resembling bathroom sinks where fashionable guests reclined with fruity cocktails, waiting for the Swedish indie artist Lykke Li to perform. (Ms. Li was also the special guest at a small gathering in Soho last Sunday which attracted Kirsten Dunst and Adrian Grenier.) 

There were lanky models running around: Agyness Deyn, Irina Lazareanu, Amanda Laine. There were the Fashion Week staples: Joy Bryant, Leigh Lezark, Fabiola Beracasa. And then there were Sean Avery and Rachel Zoe.

Unfortunately Ms. Zoe was upset with Daily Transom last night for teasing her last week and declined to talk to us.

"I’m sorry, honey, it’s nothing against you, but The Observer always twists my words," she said.

We asked if she there was anything Ms. Zoe felt comfortable saying that we wouldn’t be able to "twist." How about this party?

"It’s fantastic," she said.

And Fashion Week?

"I’m loving it." 

Eh, she’s right. We’ve got nothing. 

With it being the last stretch of Fashion Week—which is technically a week and a half this year—the guests seemed to be looking forward for everything to start winding down. (One model we spotted in the corner looked a little sleepy. She said she’s been out every night since last Wednesday.)

“The older you get, the less inclined you feel to do everything," said Ms. Beracasa, whom we found chatting with Derek Blasberg. "I’m prioritizing this year. And I’m very Zen because I just got back from Asia where I was doing this whole yoga wellness retreat thing for a month.

"It’s not like anyone is going to miss me at another party," she said of her time spent away. "But coming back is like coming back to school in September and seeing everyone and seeing what they did all summer." 

Also making his way through the crowds was Interview editor-in-chief and former V editor Christopher Bollen, who said that he finally finished decorating his new digs at Interview.

"I just painted my office!" he told Daily Transom. "It’s a black ceiling—which I’ve always wanted—then a neon yellow-green, and blue. And I have a Warhol print on the wall." 

We wondered how Mr. Bollen can think straight with all those colors. 

"It keeps me awake," he said. 

Mr. Bollen’s former boss, Cecilia Dean, co-founder and editor of VisionaireV‘s parent magazine—was standing nearby. (You may have seen Ms. Dean in the latest Gap ads.)

Ms. Dean said that she’s been staying at a hotel to alleviate the stress of Fashion Week.

"It’s how I’m treating myself for Fashion Week,” she said. “I just moved to Brooklyn and it’s still under renovation, so to alleviate myself of all that during Fashion Week, I moved into the Thompson Hotel.”

Ms. Dean told us that her new home is in Red Hook, which she was surprised to find out was the destination for a Fashion Week party thrown by Another Magazine last week. (“It’s so far to go for a party,” she said.)

But for now, her hotel stay is making the week more manageable.

“I’m having such a ball there,” said Ms. Dean.

Cecilia Dean Tells Us About Her New House, But Rachel Zoe Won’t Tell Us Much of Anything