Connor-Squadron Numbers

Here, thanks to a knowledgeable reader, are some numbers from Dan Squadron’s upset victory over 30-year incumbent State Senator Marty Connor.

It looks like Squadron pretty much won everywhere, which calls into some question the potency of the support Connor got from several local Democratic clubs that endorsed him, as well as the institutional support he had from other elected officials.

Also, it looks like labor, which went mostly for Squadron, played an important role.

Squadron took a ton of votes from Battery Park City, which was created after Connor got into office.

In the 2nd Election District inside the 64th Assembly District, Squadron got 73 votes, compared to Connor’s 24. In the 3rd ED, Squadron got 63 votes to Connor’s 26. In the 4th ED, Squadron got 48 votes to Connor’s 15. In the 6th ED, Squardon got 50 compared to Connor’s 29. In the more crowded 6th ED, Squadron got 95 votes. Connor only got 39. In the 6th ED, Squadron got 35 to Connor’s 8. And in the 56 ED, Squadron got 40 votes. Connor only got 13.

In Chinatown, Squadron lost only 6 out of 26 election districts. That’s a place that had voted for Connor over his 2006 challenger, Ken Diamondstone. That flip probably has something to do with the huge push by labor in that area, particular by U.N.I.T.E.H.E.R.E.

Connor did narrowly win most of the 10 election districts along Grand Street, where, interestingly, Squadron campaigned heavily and Sheldon Silver volunteers notably did not distribute much for Connor.

I’m still going over the numbers. Other thoughts?

Connor-Squadron Numbers