Current and Former Los Angeles Times Staffers Sue Sam Zell

Los Angeles Times staffers, both current and old, are suing Sam Zell, the owner of the paper’s parent company, the Tribune Company.

Essentially, they’re arguing his big mouth has cheapened the brand of the paper, and served only his own self-interest.

Dan Neil, a plantiff in the lawsuit, is a Pulitzer-winner whom Media Mob talked to back in February. Back then, he didn’t seem to mind Mr. Zell. "There’s a certain lasciviousness descending on the newsroom—I just look forward to using rude words in everyday conversation,” he said in the interview back then.

Another is Henry Weinstein, the former courts reporter for the paper. We spoke to him back then too, and he didn’t have an opinion of Zell. "I’m kind of waiting to see what see some of the actual plans are," he said in February. "I’m kind of withholding making any judgments. We haven’t seen any formal plans."

He did say, though, of Zell’s famously dirty mouth: "Some people are looking for more specifics about what his ideas are, and some people are not enthused about some of the language."

Also included is former D.C. Bureau chief Jack Nelson, former food and wine writer Corie Brown, and ex-writer Walter Roche, Jr.

Current and Former Los Angeles Times Staffers Sue Sam Zell