David Gordon Green Gets Further From Indie with Fox Cartoon

Well no one can accuse David Gordon Green of pigeonholing himself anymore. The formerly twee indie director, who broke out of his starving artist shell with this summer’s Pineapple Express, has potentially lined up his next project: Good Vibes, an animated sitcom about the lives of a group of high school students in a coastal California town. Fox ordered a presentation of Mr. Green’s script for spring consideration and hopes to add the show to their growing animation slate next year.

We weren’t the biggest fans of Pineapple Express (Ed. note–speak for yourself!)  mainly because it was really unfocused, which made it  drag. However, an animated series could be the perfect project for Mr. Green. He’s clearly talented, both as a director and a writer; he just needs some boundaries. What better way to get them than to work with the constricting world of an animated sitcom for network television? Mr. Green can’t very well decide to write or shoot open ended and long winded sequences when he has to make sure everything confines to what the animators are going to draw and what the network is going to allow. There won’t be any last second improvisational sessions, no impetuous whims; Good Vibes will have to fit within a specific world.

We’d love to see what Mr. Green could come up with when he has to really focus. Plus, it’s nice to see a young director go out of his comfort zone once in a while. In the past, Mr. Green has been accused of being too much of a Wes Anderson protégé. Now, perhaps Mr. Anderson can start taking some lessons. David Gordon Green Gets Further From Indie with Fox Cartoon