DeCroce wonders why Corzine is in Florida

Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce lashed out at Gov. Corzine today for stumping for Barack Obama in Florida while New Jerseyans deal with the impact of the economic downturn and brace for job losses on Wall Street.

“The economic shock waves from Wall Street continue to hit New Jersey residents. At such a time, I think it is outrageous that Corzine seems more concerned about stumping for Obama than staying home and trying to assure anxious New Jersey residents who are losing money and jobs that the state is working on a plan to ease their pain,” he said in a press release today. “But, then again, maybe Corzine is flying to Florida because he has no strategy to put money in the pockets of people. After-all, the governor has admitted his most immediate priority is to take more money out by raising tolls.”

According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Corzine is in the Sunshine State this morning to speak at a Miami-Dade College event called “Are the Fundamentals of Your Economy Strong?”

DeCroce questioned the value of Corzine’s economic advice, given the conditions in New Jersey.

“Tens of thousands of residents leave the state each year because they can no longer afford to live here,” said DeCroce. “And what has been the governor’s response? Raise state taxes, slash property tax relief and impose a massive toll increase. With the track record he has here at home, Jon Corzine shouldn’t presume to give financial advice to anyone.”

A spokesman for Corzine could not immediately be reached for comment.

DeCroce wonders why Corzine is in Florida