Elsewhere: Dow’s Drop, DiNapoli’s Dire Warning

The Dow had its largest one-day drop in history.

Barack Obama says the bailout isn’t dead.

In what Politico calls a "strategic blunder," the McCain campaign took credit for the bailout bill’s passage hours before it failed.

House Republicans and John McCain are blaming Nancy Pelosi and her pre-vote speech for the bailout legislation’s failure.

Here’s the video of the speech.

Newt Gingrich called this the "final collapse" of the Bush administration.

Eve Fairbanks notes that most retiring Republicans voted for the legislation.

Similarly, most legislators in tough re-election races voted against it.

The Wall Street Journal wonders why McCain keeps talking about Obama "phoning it in," when he’s been on the phone a lot.

Bill Kristol thinks McCain should go back to Washington now, but McCain isn’t going to.

The entire Arizona delegation voted against the legislation.

Congressional candidate Sandy Treadwell said he would have voted no, which might be why Kirsten Gillibrand did vote no.

Dean Skelos wants Congress to approve a plan.

Tom DiNapoli says this could be worse than after 9/11.

Lucky DiNapoli just got invited to David Paterson’s leadership meeting.

Sheldon Silver handed out assignments to his committee chairs.

McCain devoted the first part of his stump speech today to defending Sarah Palin.

A sign of the times? The Gowanus Whole Foods is not happening.

In other Gowanus news, the community board neither approved nor rejection Toll Brothers’ plan for a massive condo development there.

The Sun lives to print one more day.


Elsewhere: Dow’s Drop, DiNapoli’s Dire Warning