Elsewhere: Grading McCain, Silver on the Bailout, Hoyt’s Reprimand

Jonathan Martin says in 72 hours it will be more clear whether John McCain’s campaign sort-of-suspension was good or bad for his campaign.

Howard Wolfson looks at McCain’s tactic and sees “a campaign flying by the seat of its pants.”

Even Fairbanks has an idea of how it might play well.

The First Read crew has a similar take.

The Obama campaign is not being shy about calling it a political stunt.

Slate is collecting suggestions for McCain’s next dramatic gesture.

Planned Parenthood pulled in over $700,000 with a viral email campaign that asked donors to give in Palin’s name.

Sheldon Silver taking a progressive position on the bailout, according to Liz.

Jim Gennaro held another hearing this week about the impact of gas drilling on the city’s water supply.

Assemblyman Sam Hoyt has been banned from participating in the intern program.

The Brooklyn Optimist won the primary for a spot on the Kings County Democratic Committee.

Upstate Republican State Senator Joe Robach, facing a competitive re-election, won a labor endorsement.

Coney Island-types create their own interpretive renderings of redevelopment.

A blogger wonders if the economic crisis means the Guardian Angels will return.

Elsewhere: Grading McCain, Silver on the Bailout, Hoyt’s Reprimand