Elsewhere: Palin’s U.N. Meetings, Paterson’s Surprise, Golisano’s Intentions

There is no bailout agreement yet, and stocks are down.

New state polls show Barack Obama and John McCain are nearly tied in Nevada and Virginia, and Obama leads 53-42 in New Mexico

The McCain campaign produced three examples to confirm that Obama supporters attacked Sarah Palin’s family; two of them were bloggers not officially associated with the campaign.

Palin will meet with seven world leaders at the U.N. this week, and also Henry Kissinger and Bono.

Asked to produce evidence that the Times and other media outlets haven’t looked into Joe Biden’s son, the McCain campaign produced a story from the Times.

It seems as good a time as any to bring up the Keating Five scandal.

Here’s a new one: Judy Bloom endorses Obama.

Bill Clinton is apparently not going to change his routine much.

Asked what surprised him when he became governor, David Paterson said, “What surprised me the most was how little people who have authority want to exercise it.”

Robert Harding believes that Tom Golisano’s intentions are relatively pure.

Now pitching for Michael Bloomberg: New Jersey Senate President Dick Codey.

Albany-area Democrats came together to endorse the winner of the congressional primary, Paul Tonko.

John Riley partially blames Mario Cuomo for the problems at the LIRR.

New York is home to two of the nation’s least-wanted highways.

A writer for the Washington Independent takes a doleful moment to think of what Eliot Spitzer could have been in this moment.


Elsewhere: Palin’s U.N. Meetings, Paterson’s Surprise, Golisano’s Intentions