Emmy Picks, Day Five: The Shows

The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards air Sunday on ABC. And in preparation, we thought it would be fun to give you a little help on your office pool. Welcome to the fifth and final day of our Emmy preview!

We’ve already handicapped all the acting races, so you should be all set for Sunday. Here, finally, a look at the shows.

Best Comedy Series: Curb Your Enthusiasm; Entourage; The Office; 30 Rock; Two and a Half Men

Who we’re pulling for: This might sound counterintuitive, but we hope 30 Rock never finds a mass audience. The second season was so funny and completely bananas, that we wonder if Tina Fey and her cohorts would be able to get away with the stuff they do if people were actually watching. Somehow we doubt Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy would end up working in the Bush administration as "Homeland Security Director of Crisis and Weather Management" if 30 Rock had the viewership of Two and a Half Men. We want to see 30 Rock win. Badly.

Prediction: And we think it will! Seriously, look at those other nominees. Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage and The Office all saw precipitous drops in quality during their latest seasons, and Two and a Half Men is, well, atrocious. 30 Rock‘s second straight Emmy win feels like the one legitimate lock of the night.

Best Drama Series: Boston Legal; Damages; Dexter; House; Lost; Mad Men

Who we’re pulling for: We love Mad Men. And its first season was one of the very best opening salvos we’ve seen in the last decade. However, LOST is our first love. The fourth season of the show was a particular treat. Sure there were giant mistakes along the way. How they handled the return of Harold Perrineau’s Michael was especially bad. But, LOST also gave us The Oceanic Six, Locke in the coffin and, oh yeah, they moved the flippin’ island!!! Come on! Does Mad Men offer anything as viscerally exciting as that?

Prediction: In the Emmy Awards handbook, the hot new show always wins in this category. Mad Men is that show, and with sixteen (!) total nominations, it feels like the Titanic of this years ceremonies. We could make an argument for some of the other nominees (Dexter especially feels like potential sleeper), but this award belongs with Sterling-Cooper.

The Emmy Awards air Sunday night on ABC.

Emmy Picks, Day Five: The Shows