Emmy Picks, Day One: Supporting Actress

We’re less than a week away from the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards, which airs Sunday night on ABC. And in preparation for this joyous event, we thought we’d give you a jump on your office pool. Here’s our Emmy preview!

First up: the Supporting Actresses.

Supporting Actress, Comedy: Kristen Chenowith, Pushing Daisies; Amy Poehler, Saturday Night Live; Jean Smart, Samantha Who?; Holland Taylor, Two and a Half Men; Vanessa Williams, Ugly Betty

Who we’re pulling for: This is the first year that Saturday Night Live cast members are eligible for Emmy Awards consideration, so we think it would be quite fitting if Amy Poehler went home with the trophy. Ms. Poehler has really grown as a performer during the past few years. Her relentless mugging from early in her SNL career has been replaced by a cool confidence, even if she does still laugh at too many of her own jokes on Weekend Update. Perhaps the sea change in her performance has something to do with her fantastic Hillary Clinton impression. It’s so good that it can be placed alongside Will Ferrell’s GW and Phil Hartman’s Bill Clinton in the SNL Political Figure Hall of Fame.

Prediction: We don’t think any of the other performers here standout more than Ms. Poehler. Plus with a baby on the way and an NBC sit-com in the works, she’s becoming America’s Sweetheart!

Best Supporting Actress, Drama: Candice Bergin, Boston Legal; Rachel Griffiths, Brothers and Sisters; Sandra Oh, Grey’s Anatomy; Dianne Weist, In Treatment; Chandra Wilson, Grey’s Anatomy

Who we’re pulling for: Despite the fact that Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most annoying shows on television, Chandra Wilson’s Dr. Miranda Bailey constantly makes us happy. While her other cast members seem to get swallowed up in the pull of all the arch melodrama, Ms. Wilson stands out as a shining beacon of class and talent. Plus, we know she’ll give a great acceptance speech, complete with tears! Go Chandra go!

Prediction: Sadly, we have a feeling Ms. Wilson will split the Grey’s vote with co-star Sandra Oh, leaving the door open for fellow ABC star Rachel Griffiths to win for Brothers and Sisters. Ms. Griffiths, for years so good on Six Feet Under, is long overdue for some recognition.

Tomorrow: the Supporting Actors. Emmy Picks, Day One: Supporting Actress