Failed Bailout, Frog in Blender

The House defeated the bailout bill. [A.P.]

The debate they had, however, was almost a real one, writes Eve Fairbanks, and addressed questions like, "Do voters send congressmen to the House to enact things, or to stand athwart very imperfect progress?" [The Stump]

Upstate Republican Representative Randy Kuhl voted against it. [Monroe Rising]

Stocks plunged. [WSJ]

Tracking polls continue to suggest that John McCain did not win the first debate. [TPM]

In case you forgot, the offshore drilling ban technically expires at midnight tomorrow. [The Vine]

“October is almost upon us, and here comes the frog in the blender.” [Radar]

The Staten Island Advance interviews Bob Straniere. [SIA]

Sarah Palin praises Joe Biden’s debating ability, then jokes about his tendency to say dumb things. [Caucus]

Failed Bailout, Frog in Blender