Fidler: Maybe Another Property Tax Increase?

Lew Fidler, who wouldn’t turn down a third term in the City Council, told me the Wall Street collapse won’t be much of a factor in the conversation about extending term limits.

“I don’t see how it’s remotely relevant,” he told me just now.

He said the collapse will likely affect everyone in the city, but that the city budget may not be as affected as one would think.

“I’m not entirely sure but how much leverage where they expected from a group like Lehman’s Brothers which was expecting to have huge write-offs,” Fidler asked.

Going forward, the real issue he said wouldn’t be term limits, but property taxes. “As distasteful as it is, we’ll be left with the property tax, which is a well we went to before.”

Fidler also said he hoped the state would pass a millionaire’s tax. Fidler: Maybe Another Property Tax Increase?