Future of the Sun Unclear

Is today’s the last edition of The New York Sun?

It’s a question we posed to the newspaper’s spokesman, Michael Moi, last night after rumors intensified once again that the Sept. 29th issue of the newspaper would indeed be the last, and he didn’t say.

He wrote: "We appreciate the concern, and when the future of the Sun clarifies, we will let our readers know what it is. And until then, we will have no comment."

A memo reproduced on gawker.com which the Web site reported had been sent to freelance writers by a Sun editor read, in part, "The New York Sun, which launched in 2002, will print its final edition on Monday, Sept. 29."

No indication in the print edition seems to announce the newspaper’s demise, though on its home page, the newspaper’s Web site lists as a "top story" an amalgamation of the newspaper’s previously published coverage of its own troubles over the last month, including a statement in support of the newspaper delivered by Rep. Anthony Weiner on the Capitol floor and the newspaper’s own letter to readers of Sept. 5. Stay tuned.

Future of the Sun Unclear