Gabe Pressman Is Sick of ‘Yackety-Yack’ Convention Coverage

MINNEAPOLIS—TV news dean Gabe Pressman was hanging out yesterday in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel, where the New York delegation is staying, and was kind enough to share his opinion of the media coverage in Denver, specifically the storyline about Hillary Clinton supporters holding out on party nominee Barack Obama.

“They fomented a Hillary revolt but I never saw any sign of it. I saw disappointment and unhappiness but never a sign of revolt. And they got a five-day story out of it.”

He went on to say, “Many of the pontificators were peddling a story that wasn’t true. They never got off their butts and talked to people and found out. I’m tired of yackity-yack journalism. First you create a rumor and then you knock it down. It was bull. It was a phony story. It was a product of neo-journalism” which he described as “a telephone game at a kids party.” Gabe Pressman Is Sick of ‘Yackety-Yack’ Convention Coverage