Gennaro Optimistic About New Voters

Democratic State Senate candidate Jim Gennaro, who is trying to unseat Republican Frank Padavan, says he can ride the coattails of national Democrats in his district, but the full picture could be more complicated.

His campaign just released figures of newly registered voters in the district, citing figures from the state Board of Elections.

"Between January and August of this year, 6,859 new voters enrolled in Senate District 11, according to the Board of Elections. Of them, 711 are Republicans and 4,083 are Democrats, giving the latter party a nearly six-to-one advantage with these voters.

"Democrats also overwhelmingly outnumber Republicans in Senate District 11’s overall enrollment, 88,494 to 33,123 (a nearly three-to-one advantage)."

But not every voter pulls the lever down party lines. In 2006, when Democrats still have an edge in voter enrollment, Padavan beat his Democratic opponent, Nora Marino 23,910 to 20,265. Add votes Padavan earned on the Conservative and Independence Party lines, plus Marino’s on the Working Families Party line, and the spread grew. Padavan won re-election 31,019 to 21,283.

Gennaro Optimistic About New Voters