GOP risks going to just four congressional seats

New Jersey Republicans have nine non-incumbent candidates for Congress in 2008, the most since 1976 when the state's House delegation had a 12-3 Democratic majority. For the last decade, New Jersey Democrats have held a 7-6 majority in the House.

Here's a brief history of the party turnover of New Jersey House seats:

1972: Reapportionment moves a Hudson County House seat to Northwestern New Jersey. Cornelius Gallagher (D) loses a primary to fellow incumbent Dominick Daniels (D). Joseph Maraziti (R) wins a new seat. 8 Democrats, 7 Republicans.

1974: John Hunt (R) defeated by Jim Florio (D); Charles Sandman (R) defeated by William Hughes (D); William Widnall (R) defeated by Andrew Maguire (D); Maraziti (R) defeated by Helen Meyner (D). 12 Democrats, 3 Republicans.

1976: Henry Helstoski (D) defeated by Harold Hollenbeck (R). 11 Democrats, 4 Republicans.

1978: Meyner defeated by James Courter (R). 10 Democrats, 5 Republicans.

1980: Frank Thompson (D) defeated by Christopher Smith (R); Maguire defeated by Marge Roukema (R). 8 Democrats, 7 Republicans.

1982: Hollenbeck defeated by Robert Torricelli (D). New Jersey loses one Republican seat in reapportionment. 9 Democrats, 5 Republicans.

1984: Joseph Minish (D) defeated by Dean Gallo (R). 8 Democrats, 6 Republicans.

1992: New Jersey loses one Democratic seat in reapportionment. 7 Democrats, 6 Republicans.

1994: Hughes retires, Frank LoBiondo (R) wins open seat; Herbert Klein (D) defeated by Bill Martini (R). 5 Democrats, 8 Republicans.

1996: Martini defeated by Bill Pascrell (D). 6 Democrats, 7 Republicans.

1998: Michael Pappas (R) defeated by Rush Holt (D). 7 Democrats, 6 Republicans

GOP risks going to just four congressional seats