HBO Signs Up Another Good One: Americatown

Dare we say that HBO is on a roll? Fresh off the news that Sarah Michelle Gellar has signed up for a pilot, the network announced over the weekend that it’s developing a futuristic drama called Americatown. The series, produced by longtime Steven Spielberg collaborators Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy (the Indiana Jones films, Schnidler’s List, E.T.), will focus on a group of Americans in the near future, who after a seismic decline in the United States, are forced to relocate to a major foreign city.

When we hear about bleak but realistic post-apocalyptic visions of the world, our minds immediately jump to Children of Men. Which gives us great hope for Americatown. If done properly, the show could be a real treat: a serious minded look at a future that doesn’t seem totally unrealistic when you really think about it.

In fact, while series writer and creator Bradford Winters originally wanted Americatown to be a contemporary look at immigration into the United States, he decided to take the futuristic route instead. In coming up with ideas about what would cause Americans to leave, he concluded that events like natural disasters, excessively high oil prices and a collapsing economy would cause the exodus. Ummm. Should we start packing our bags? HBO Signs Up Another Good One: Americatown