Healy responds to Manzo’s quest to remove him from office

Angered by former Assemblyman Lou Manzo’s legal action to try to get Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy removed from office, Healy chief of staff Dominick Pandolfo issued a scathing response, characterizing Manzo as a lawsuit-mad wannabe mayor.

“Four time loser Louis Manzo is an embittered and disgruntled individual who spends his time filing frivolous lawsuits," said Pandolfo (Manzo has sought the mayor's office four times in the past, and narrowly lost to Healy in a 2004 runoff). "He is angered that the mayor did not endorse him in his recent run for the Senate, which he lost by an overwhelming margin to our candidate, Sen. Sandra Cunningham. He is also upset that the mayor refused to re-hire his close friend who had been terminated by a prior administration due to unexplained and excessive absenteeism.”

Manzo’s court filing comes as both he and Mayor Healy are airing television ads positioning themselves for the May, 2009 mayoral race. Healy has been airing an ad touting his administration’s accomplishments on development and crime, while Manzo has begun airing ads for his advocacy office. One of those ads takes a negative tone regarding Healy.

“There is no hiding the fact that Louis Manzo has a deep desire to be mayor and that this latest maneuver is clearly for his own personal political gain. However, while Louis spends his time on these frivolous lawsuits, the mayor continues to focus his full attention on making Jersey City safer, greener, more affordable and more prosperous,” said Pandolfo. Healy responds to Manzo’s quest to remove him from office