If Bloomberg Runs, Will the Republicans Bother?

The Republican county leader whose borough has the highest number of registered Republican voters in the city—Phil Ragusa of Queens—said he’s unsure anyone from his party would run for mayor if  Michael Bloomberg seeks a third term.

(The New York Times just reported that Bloomberg will try to run again, but I spoke to Ragusa earlier today.)

"I don’t know if there will be someone on the Republican line who would want to run," Ragusasaid. "If we have a Republican candidate who wants to run against him, I would have to support the Republican candidate." But, Ragusa added, "if this term limits [extension] goes through, they may not want to run."

Ragusa then went on to criticize the logic of those people who say Bloomberg is the only person who can govern the city during a fiscal crisis.

"I think Mike Bloomberg has done a great job but there are other people out there. If you put your stock in just one person…" Ragusa trailed off and sighed. "I learned at a young age, when I was a young person and [John] Kennedy was shot. I said ‘Oh my God!’ But then Johnson was sworn in and the country went on."

Republican mayoral candidate Bruce Blakeman has said he won’t run against Bloomberg. It’s unclear if John Catsimatidis will still want to jump in. 

If Bloomberg Runs, Will the Republicans Bother?