Family Guy Guy Debuts Online Show

Seth MacFarlane, the guy behind Family Guy and American Dad, launched a Web series today called Seth McFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy. Mr. MacFarlane promised Google 50 webisodes to air on and YouTube’s SethComedy and "BK" channels (Burger King is sponsoring them). The comedy shorts’ content isn’t all that groundbreaking (here’s one about a dog playing the $25,000 pyramid game show that barely elicited a chuckle from us). What makes this Web show interesting, though, is that it will be distributed through Google’s AdWords program, which targets Web sites that reach demographics that would appeal to the clips.

Burger King ads are included at the beginning of the clips in the Seth MacFarlane-signature cartoon style. When a user clicks on the video, the advertiser will pay a fee that will be split between by Mr. MacFarlane, Google, the independent digital production company (Media Rights Capital), and the site or blog hosting the embedded video. Google is trying to allow everyone a piece of the pie (including bloggers) to encourage people to post the video everywhere and increase video take-over of the internet.

Will they succeed? Eh. The clips aren’t all that great so far and the cartoon BK King kind of creeps us out. But who knows? New webisodes are added each week, so maybe it’ll get better. Family Guy Guy Debuts Online Show