Is Seven Pounds The New Pay It Forward?

We learned a long time ago to always, always take Will Smith seriously. The man can do anything – fight aliens or zombies, be Ali, love German shepherds, etc. Mr. Smith is on a winning streak: last year I Am Legend made a truckload of money. Ditto last summer’s Hancock (which we maintain was secretly Jason Bateman’s movie, but whatever). But now we’ve come upon the trailer for actor’s next film, Seven Pounds. The story, as far as we can tell, is about a man who did something really bad (we’ll guess murderous drunk driving) and is possibly suicidal over it. But he looks for redemption when he decides to change seven strangers lives. And then he falls in love with one of them–someone with a heart condition! (The title apparently refers to the weight of a human heart.) So many other movies flooded our brain while watching this trailer: 21 Grams, Sweet November, Pay it Forward, Autumn in New York, Bounce, and yes, even Dying Young.

What we do know is that Seven Pounds is from the same team that brought us The Pursuit of Happyness (do with that information what you will). Oh, and Woody Harrelson plays a blind guy. The good news? Heeello, Rosario Dawson! It’s about time someone put you in a big December movie. Ditto for you, Barry Pepper. Right now we’re highly skeptical about this one, but again, it’s Will Smith, so…see you at the theater in December.

Is Seven Pounds The New  Pay It Forward?