VSL:WEB // See (sort of) and hear one of your favorite new bands

Despite Guatemala’s four active volcanoes, frequent earthquakes, proximity to hurricane paths, and high murder rate, it looks like a terribly nice place to live. At least that’s the impression you get while watching the happy music video “Just Like a Drummer,” by London-based band the Wave Pictures. As if created by some hyper-cool Guatemalan tourism bureau, the clip features local residents blithely lip-synching and dancing to one of the simplest, sweetest songs we’ve heard in a while.

Eduardo Benchoam, a local video and commercial director, went out into the streets with a camera and successfully captured locals mouthing lines like “The sun came in like a pack of orange spaniels.” Wow. In the band’s music we hear shades of another three-man unit, Violent Femmes, and a glowing British press has already referred to lead singer Dave Tattersall as Jonathan Richman and Morrissey’s love child. Now, that’s one nutty kid.

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