Leven Rambin on Fame and Fashion Week: “It’s Like Christmas!”

At Rebecca Taylor‘s fashion show today, starlets including a strangely punk-rock looking Mena Suvari were ushered from backstage to the front row by publicists, displacing less-important attendees to higher rows before being engulfed by a wall of flashbulbs. Yawn!

"The rigmarole is a lot, which is why I’m only going to Rebecca’s show," said actress Rashida Jones of The Office, who proclaimed herself a huge fan of the designer. "I can’t do the whole thing anymore. I’m not a fashion editor, you know what I mean? It takes a lot for me to go to one presentation or event-type thing. It begins to not be fun if it’s one after the other after the other."

Underage actress Leven Rambin, meanwhile, who has been notably absent from New York party pictures lately, had just flown in from L.A., where she has been filming Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for several months (it premiered on Monday). "I have to fly out tonight, so it’s a whirlwind," she said. "I went to [Carlos] Miele and Marchesa last night, and DSquared, and this is my first show today, now I’m going to Reem Acra, and that will be it for me this season, unfortunately!"

Ms. Rambin, who wore a girly pink dress, did not share Ms. Jones’s ambivalence about Fashion Week. "It’s sort of like an encapsulated environment," she said. "It’s not an everyday occurrence. It’s like Christmas, it doesn’t come around all the time. But when it is happening, you’re into it, you realize it’s not real life and then you go back to your real life, like, three days later. It’s fun, it’s extremely fun. I think the running around, the anxiety, the pressure, the photos the dresses, all that, just adds to the fun."

Does she ever tire of it?

"No, I don’t," she said cheerfully. "I don’t get tired of it. I mean, last year I got physically ill, so I did get tired of it because I was so tired, but no. I know people that do, but I don’t." Leven Rambin on Fame and Fashion Week: “It’s Like Christmas!”