Love Live Palin:

I enjoy watching Governor Sara Palin, either in person or being impersonated. She is delightfully ill-informed and marvelously programmed, sort of like a Stepford wife. You ask her if the sky is blue, she will give you the deer in the headlight look and then repeat what somebody told her about something. She has a fabulous memory to remember what she has been prepped for by McCain lobbyist-politicians. Unfortunately her responses are often not related to the questions, as poor Katie Couric has learned.

Now John McCain insists on telling us about his long and truly distinguished record of heroism and patriotism. It is a real record. But he has abused his beloved nation, by giving us Governor Palin. At 72, he must be more sensitive to the succession issue than say John F. Kennedy was at 43. We never know what is in store, but can you imagine a President Palin entrusted with nuclear weapons? She is all ready to extend our nucelar umbrella to Georgia, (the nation not the state) which means she blithely acknowledged war with Russia. I hope that the hour and half talk she had with Dr. Kissinger wised her up. This is serious stuff, even for a McCain who loves to sing bomb, bomb, bomb to the tune of the Beach Boys. No wonder Putin is disturbed by American intentions, and the loony in Iran wants his own nuclear toys.

For eight years, we have laughed at President Bush's stupid remarks, now we are paying the price for that leadership in war and now in recession. Perhaps we need to realize that who is president and vice president is critical. Russia for example is important in our calculations, even if I cannot see it from my porch while I skin a moose.


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Michael P. Riccards is Executive Director of the Hall Institute of Public Policy – New Jersey.

Love Live Palin: