VSL:WEB // Make any song better, or at least funnier

America’s funnymen are forever trying to connect with our softer, more sensitive sides. (It will always be too soon for Adam Sandler’s 9/11 movie!) But Christopher Walken — who scored an early Oscar for his performance in The Deer Hunter and slid into his golden years with seven appearances on Saturday Night Live — has revealed himself instead to be a man of hidden shallows.

Eight years ago on SNL, Walken played a producer tasked with pushing “more cowbell” onto Blue Oyster Cult’s already-anthemic “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.” Unlike Tina Fey’s turn as Sarah Palin, which became an overnight classic, Walken’s skit took a few years to catch on. It did, however, inspire More Cowbell — an absurdly wonderful Web app that turns any MP3 into a miniature disco inferno. Make the Damned sound like the Rapture. Fill “The Sounds of Silence” with the signature sound of “Honky Tonk Women.” To us, the results sound like Morse-code messages tapped out by someone trapped inside a Celine Dion song.

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