Myers appears with cranberry farmers, while Adler rips him for Bush ties

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) today officially endorsed 3rd Congressional District candidate Medford Mayor Chris Myers, even as the Republican’s opponent, state Sen. John Adler (D-Camden), continued to lash out at Myers’s fundraising connections.

Standing with fifth generation cranberry farmers Joe Darlington and wife, Brenda Conner, on their Pemberton property today, Myers said, "Small business owners have always been the engine that makes the American economy go and will be on the forefront of helping to lead us out of this current economic crisis."

He took a shot at Adler.

"Thanks to career Trenton politician John Adler, small business owners in New Jersey are consistently being barraged with higher taxes and excessive regulation that kill job creation and hurt middle class families struggling to make ends meet," Myers said.

NFIB promotes and protects the right of its members to own, operate and grow their businesses, according to its website.

The Adler campaign simultaneously struck at Myers’s Monday afternoon shoulder-to-shoulder with President George W. Bush, who headlined a Colts Neck fundraiser on Myers’s behalf.

Adler also attacked Myers’s ongoing fundraising efforts this week.

"Myers will be in Washington tonight accepting more Bush cash," said Adler campaign spokesman Mark Warren. "Charlie Black, a senior advisor to President Bush's 2000 & 2004 campaigns and a former lobbyist for Freddie Mac, and several other Bush loyalists are co-hosting a fundraising event for Myers. The host committee is comprised of a Bush ‘Pioneer’ who raised more than $100,000 for the President’s 2004 campaign, Bush political advisors from both of his Presidential campaigns and lobbyists for oil companies."

Coupled with Monday, the event doubly underscores Myers’s failure to embody independence as a candidate, according to Warren.

Myers appears with cranberry farmers, while Adler rips him for Bush ties