New York Dems to Help Obama Without Sullying Him

The New York State Democratic Party will officially not be coordinating with Barack Obama’s campaign because the state party here still accepts money from lobbyists, and the presidential nominee’s campaign does not.

State Democratic Party Chair June O’Neill delivered the news during the party’s fall meeting this morning in midtown, after she was asked about local efforts to elect Obama.

Obama’s campaign has long had a policy against taking money from lobbyists and P.A.C.s, and when he won the nomination in June, Obama announced the Democratic National Committee would do the same–a rule that led the party to return money from Charlie Rangel’s P.A.C. late last month.

The state party, however, is still taking money from those sources.

A spokeswoman said they will be as helpful as possible to Obama.

“The New York State Democratic Committee wholeheartedly supports Senator Obama as our nominee and our members plan to work actively to elect him by participating in phone banks, canvasses and other grassroots activities,” state Democratic Party spokeswoman Carly Lindauer wrote in an email. She added, "The Party respects the campaign and the DNC’s decision and will do everything in its power to elect Senator Obama without comprising their pledge." New York Dems to Help Obama Without Sullying Him