New York’s Bailout-Bill Killers

Four members of the New York Congressional delegation—three Democrats and one Republican—voted against the bailout bill that just stalled in the House.

The Democrats are Kirsten Gillibrand, Maurice Hinchey and Jose Serrano. The Republican is Randy Kuhl.

The rest of the 29-member delegation voted for it.

UPDATE: Unrelated but marginally interesting bailout-vote fact: all eight members from John McCain’s home state of Arizona—four Republicans and four Democrats—voted against the legislation.

UPDATE: Here’s an explanatory statement from Hinchey’s office, arguing against the notion of putting all of the proposed $700 billion at the discretion of the current administration:

“While I recognize the need for some kind of a financial rescue package to free up the credit markets and restore stability to the entire financial system, I could not in good conscience vote for a bill that gives away $700 billion to the presidential administration that got us in this mess in the first place and doesn’t make any sound economic investments in working and middle class Americans who are the ones in need of real financial assistance.


“I appreciate the urgency with which this bill was dealt. However, I wish my colleagues in Congress would have worked around the clock and through the weekend to reach an agreement on an economic stimulus bill that builds up the working and middle class and creates jobs. In fact, had they done so, I think a better bill would have passed today.”

New York’s Bailout-Bill Killers