N.O.W. Endorses, The U.N. Meets Palin, Wolfson Defends Rangel

John McCain called for a commission to investigate what went wrong on Wall Street. [A.P.]

Obama said of the commission idea, "[T]his isn’t 9/11. We know how we got into this mess." [Ben Smith]

The National Organization for Women, which wasn’t going to endorse, is now endorsing Obama, because of Palin. [A.P.]

Sarah Palin is going to the U.N. next week to get "some exposure" to foreign leaders. [W.W.]

She recently made claims about energy that have been disputed. [Spin Cycle]

The Intelligencer thinks Katie Couric’s interview with Palin will be better than Charlie Gibson’s. [New York]

The McCain campaign is blaming the whole "invented the Blackberry" thing on the aide who said it. [Ambinder]

Here’s a preview of Todd Palin’s first television appearance. [Jonathan Martin]

Howard Wolfson defends Charlie Rangel and calls the New York Times editorial asking him to step down as Ways and Means Chairman "so shortsighted." [Gotham Acme]

Liz smells "a legal challenge" after the Bronx Rainbow Rebels called their own meeting. [Daily Politics]

Lots of kids in green t-shirts delivered 10,000 letters to City Hall yesterday, asking for a car-free Prospect Park . [Streetsblog]

Jim Tedisco is still talking about a tax cap. [P.O.H.]

N.O.W. Endorses, The U.N. Meets Palin, Wolfson Defends Rangel