Palin’s First Question, Why Biden Works, Pirro Returns

Taking her first impromptu questions from the press, Sarah Palin said she is "disappointed" that taxpayers had to bail out A.I.G. [CNN]

Hillary Clinton canceled her appearance at a "Stop Iran" rally after she found out that Palin would also be there. [A.P.]

Barack Obama called "A.I.G." American Insurance Group, but it’s actually named American International group, and the McCain campaign is seizing on the mistake. [McClatchy]

Marc Ambinder considers how voters will react to the two very different ads the presidential campaigns released today. [Atlantic]

Jason Zengerle makes "The Case Against the Case Against Joe Biden." [The Plank]

Chris Cillizza thinks Sarah Palin tipped Matt Drudge toward McCain. [The Fix]

Here’s Palin in an ad for her Wasilla mayoral race. [Spin Cycle]

Jim Tedisco wants to hear "captains" of the "ghost commissions" to justify their continued existence. [Albany Watch]

Seeing a rise in crime, a Brooklyn blogger wonders if New York is going back to the old days. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

State Senator Caesar Trunzo has still not agreed to debate his challenger. [T.A.P.]

Jeanine Pirro is back. [Liz Benjamin]


Palin’s First Question, Why Biden Works, Pirro Returns