Powers’ Decision, Gonzales on the Primary, Wasillans for Obama

George W. Bush dedicated the Pentagon September 11 memorial this morning. [The Page]

There’s a ceasefire between Barack Obama and John McCain today. [I.H.T.]

Westchester County is taking Indian Point nuclear plant to court. [Times Herald-Record]

Jon Powers, who just lost an upstate Congressional primary, hasn’t decided whether he will run on the Working Families Party ticket. [Buffalo Bean]

State Senator Efrain Gonzales, who just lost the Democratic primary, tells a Bronx reporter that his loss can’t be attributed to his legal problems. [West Bronx News]

Jerry Skurnik offers up a short, tumultuous history of incumbents losing in Flushing. [Room 8]

When Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla, it was the only town in the state where rape victims had to pay for their own forensic tests. [McClatchy]

A local blogger reports on Wasilla’s brave Barack Obama supporters. [Mud Flats]

Michael Crowley disagrees: Obama should not get angry. [The Stump]

Obama appeared on Letterman last night, and said in reference to his "pig in lipstick" line, that logically, Palin would have been the lipstick, not the pig. [Gothamist]

Joe Klein rallies against John McCain’s health care tax hike. [Swampland]

Lots of McCain staffers have gone on to become lobbyists. [Politico]

A Swedish TV station turns up footage of McCain’s release from a P.O.W. camp in Hanoi. [Political Punch via BenPowers’ Decision, Gonzales on the Primary, Wasillans for Obama