Richest Lawmakers, Balking Republicans

John McCain made the list of richest members of Congress, as did Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama did not. [Roll Call]

In a meeting with Dick Cheney, House Republicans balked at the bailout plan. [Politico]

Eve Fairbanks gives the A.P. the prize for "most dryly contemptuous lead," based on their Sarah Palin investigation story.[The Stump]

After a Wall Street Journal reporter and a producer from CNN threatened not to cover anything about Sarah Palin at the U.N., they were allowed a little bit of access. [Politico]

Palin injected social issues into the nonpartisan Wasilla mayor’s race. [Salon]

Noam Scheiber digs up an old new story in which Palin cancels a meeting with Alaska natives because she "didn’t know enough about tribal government and we did not have time to do all the research." [T.N.R.]

Michael Bloomberg backed two Republican State Senate challengers.[Cap Conf]

Comedian Lewis Black doesn’t think much of Palin, wishes McCain and Obama ran together, and thinks Bill Clinton’s really a Republican. [V.V.]

  Richest Lawmakers, Balking Republicans