Skelos Says Siena Poll Not ‘Correct.’ Siena Disagrees.

Reacting to the Siena poll released yesterday that showed State Senate Republicans on the verge of losing their majority status, Senate Leader Dean Skelos told reporters today, "I don’t think the Siena poll is correct."

After delivering remarks at the ABNY breakfast, Skelos said of the Siena poll that the Republicans have polls "that have been done within all of these districts for the past 20 years that indicate a lot differently."

Referring to Siena, Skelos said, "They used the random digit dialing. Siena has never done a poll in senate districts and random digit dialing, for all you know, all the calls could have gone into Great Neck."

According to Siena, the surveys of six closely-watched Senate races were conducted by calling "likely registered voters in each State Senate district."

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Siena pollster Steven Greenberg who said Siena "does not use random-digit dialing to conduct it’s statewide or senate district polls." He also said steps are taken to ensure "appropriate geographic disbursement" within polling areas. Greenberg said, "We call off voter lists."

Skelos Says Siena Poll Not ‘Correct.’ Siena Disagrees.