Smith lands advantageous position in clerk’s ballot drawing

JERSEY CITY – Police Director Mark Smith took the pole position here today in a ballot drawing for the special electionto be held Nov 4th for Bayonne mayor.

In the Division of Elections Office at the William Brennan Court House, Hudson County Clerk Barbara A. Netchert put the names of the five mayoral candidates in small plastic tubes and then placed the tubes in a revolving holding chamber.

"This ballot boxprobably goes back to the days of (Jersey City Mayor) Frank Hague," Netchert said later.

The clerkspun thebox a number of times before withdrawingSmith's name first.

Smith's name occupiescolumn "D" on the ballot, in a special box where the mayoral candidates are bracketed. Richard Rutkowski is in the "E" column, followed by Robert F. Sloan, and Raymond Rokicki.

Netchert withdrew the name of Pat Conaghan last.

Conaghan, a retired judge whom internal polls from his campaign show to be in a dead heat with Smith, occupies column "H" on the ballot.

Smith lands advantageous position in clerk’s ballot drawing