Steve Israel on Drilling, Kemp Stands in for McCain

Representative Steve Israel takes his Republican colleagues to task after they said the new energy bill "isn’t enough." [Huff Post]

A "maverick" Republican representative endorsed Obama. [The Crypt]

Norman Oder reports from Bill Perkin’s hearing on emininent domain, where most of the attendees were proponents of revisiting the outdated laws. [A.Y. Report]

When the Conservative Party officially endorses McCain-Palin at the New York Athletic Club, Jack Kemp will accept. [Liz Benjamin]

The Christian Science Monitor has a somewhat frightening story about what natural gas drilling has done in Texas and Pennsylvania, and how it’s on its way to New York. [CSM]

Steve Cohen writes, "On energy efficiency I think that California has gotten this mix right, and in New York I am worried that we rely too much on government. [Green Channel]

Al Gore may be buying an eco-magazine called Plenty. [Media Mob]


Steve Israel on Drilling, Kemp Stands in for McCain