Thank You Letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Dear Madam Speaker:

I want to congratulate you for personally seeing to it the Bailout Bill would go down in flames. You broke the simplest rule of politics, “Don’t gloat before you vote.”

As conservative groups around the nation scrambled to figure out a strategy for not giving $700 billion to the same people who ruined our economy, we didn’t realize you planned all along to torpedo the bill.

Please tell me: when have you ever successfully received support from someone immediately after spewing everything vile you could imagine about them? You single handedly sank the big government Titanic. You were the iceberg the S.S. Bailout didn’t see beneath the waves.

Instead of putting the interests of the nation first, as you said the other side should, you put the interests of politics and party first; taking your time to bash Republican leadership instead of citing the ”importance” of this bill.

With a 10% approval rating, taxpayers did not have any confidence in your leadership, but Americans do have confidence in America. As I write, the stock market is up almost 300 points; showing taxpayers' confidence in their country.

Americans must continue to show confidence in their country by investing in it. We must not pull our money out and run to overseas markets, instead Americans must hold the line and invest in our own economy.

Again, the Bail Out is a scam and through your clever, albeit vitriolic, rhetoric you managed to slow it down, at least for now. Keep up the good work.

Yours truly,
Steve Lonegan

PS Can you please do the same this Thursday? Thank You Letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi